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Pregnancy and Oral Health

Headshot of Dr. Omar Sheehy, DDSAre you expecting a baby? As you know, pregnancy brings of host of changes to the body, including heightened sensitivities and morning sickness. Yet, what you may not realize is how it can affect your teeth. To learn more about pregnancy and its connection to oral health, read below.

Rising hormonal levels during pregnancy can send some women on a ride, as they experience fluctuating emotional changes and stomach problems. Some may feel increasingly nauseous, while others may feel fine. Even so, the changes in hormonal levels also lead to changes in gum tissues. It is common for gums to become irritated, red, and swollen as bacteria builds up along the gum line. This is referred to as pregnancy gingivitis, and bleeding gums are associated with this as well. The good news regarding pregnancy gingivitis is that it is easy to combat. Consistent brushing (with a soft bristled toothbrush) and flossing is key. Keeping teeth clean may also guard against pregnancy tumors, which are an overgrowth of gum tissues found between teeth or along the gum line. These tumors are not cancerous, and will likely disappear following birth, but they are traps for bacteria. Thus, flossing is essential.

For those that experience morning sickness with vomiting, it’s important to understand how acids from the stomach can wreak havoc on tooth enamel as they pass through the mouth. While this is an unpleasant thought, rinsing with water after getting sick will help wash away remaining acid that may settle on teeth.

Can Pregnancy-Induced Oral Health Problems Affect My Baby?

When it comes to oral health and its connection to your unborn child, remember—a healthy mom is more likely to give birth to a healthy baby.

Scheduling a dental checkup during your pregnancy is highly recommended. These procedures are safe and will give insight into any pregnancy-induced oral health problems that you may have.

Research shows that gum disease often results in premature birth and low birth weight. In addition, when expecting mothers swallow bacteria, this can be transferred to the unborn child through blood or amniotic fluid.

If you are pregnant, Bayshore Dental Center wants to congratulate you! We’re sure that this is an exciting and busy time in your life. That’s why we want to come alongside you in making sure that you maintain good oral health, for you and your baby on the way. Call today to schedule your dental checkup.

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