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Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

Seffner FL General DentistMisconceptions about Root Canal procedures have circulated for years, causing many patients to panic when dentists recommend them. Yet, the truth is—root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. Advanced technology, efficient methods, and patient education have played a major role in helping clear up common misconceptions concerning root canal treatment.

Perhaps the greatest misconception about root canal procedures is that they are painful. In fact, root canal treatment is designed to relieve pain, not create it. Typically, when patients visit their dentist complaining of a toothache or pain in their tooth, there’s an infection present. If the pulp, or root is infected, it must be cleared to reduce pain and prevent further infection. This is what root canal treatment is all about.

In other cases, some believe that root canal treatments can make individuals sick or cause disease throughout the body. To date, there is no scientific evidence to prove so. Yet, it’s believed that poorly designed research dating back to the 1920’s has contributed to this common misconception. It’s important for patients to understand that the aim of root canal treatment is not only to restore a patient’s natural tooth by clearing infection and preventing further damage, it is also a far better alternative to tooth extraction.

The third misconception regarding root canal treatment is related to the previous myth about its connection to disease. Dental professionals report that for patients that believe that root canal treatments cause illness, they are also likely to believe that tooth extraction is the best alternative. While this stems from faulty research and lack of information regarding modern-day dentistry, patients need to know that root canal treatment is one of the most predictable, long-lasting, and cost effective endodontic treatments, and many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime.

Utilizing the latest in dental equipment and technology, Dr. Sheehy at Bayshore Dental Center provides expert root canal therapy for patients in Seffner and surrounding areas. With an emphasis on patient education and comfort, Dr. Sheehy is sure to put you at ease regarding your treatment—remember, the decay and bacterial invasion into the nerves of your teeth is what causes pain, not root canal treatment. Call Bayshore Dental Center today.

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