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Preventing Gum Disease

Seffner FL DentistWhen a sticky, colorless substance called plaque builds up on the surfaces of teeth, the soft gum tissues surrounding the teeth become puffy and red. Perhaps you’ve brushed your teeth and noticed that your gums are bleeding or irritated. While this doesn’t mean that you have gum disease, it might be a precursor to early-stage gum disease, or Gingivitis. As documented by the American Academy of Periodontology, when left untreated, inflammation along the gum line can cause deterioration of soft tissues and even bone. In turn, it can lead to other diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. With a greater emphasis on patient education, dental professionals discuss habits that help patients prevent gum disease.

While brushing your teeth is an integral part of removing plaque, it needs to be done consistently, even after meals. Not only does brushing remove food particles and debris from teeth, it helps combat the effects of acidic substances in foods from wearing away the tooth’s enamel. Even so, in the event that you cannot brush your teeth, flossing is another way to remove particles and bacteria from teeth between meals. However—do not forget to brush your tongue!

Aside from a steady oral care regimen, it’s wise to understand your risk for developing gum disease. For instance, if you are a smoker, you are at an increased risk for gum disease. In turn, age and genetics may make one more susceptible to gum disease. The bottom line is—if you are considered an increased risk for gum disease, your dentist is your greatest ally. In turn, it may be a good idea to visit a periodontist for a complete examination of your teeth, plaque levels, gum tissues, your bite, and bone structure.

For some, these habits sound simple and even redundant. However, dental professionals agree—good oral health, regular dental visits, and knowing your risk factors puts patients in the best position to guard against gum disease.

Attentive Dental Care For Your Family

If you are looking for attentive dental care for your family that will save you from painful and costly treatments in the future, Dr. Sheehy and the team at Bayshore Dental Center welcome your call today!

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