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Do You Have Missing Teeth?

Seffner FL Restorative Dental TreatmentsYour teeth are designed to help you chew food, speak clearly, and smile. Thus, when one or more teeth are missing, these daily activities are difficult. What’s more is that your face or jawline may begin to shift, causing you to look older. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry over the past few decades have provided a number of viable solutions, depending on a patient’s health and aesthetic concerns. Do you have missing teeth? Consider the following options for tooth replacement:


As posts that are surgically implanted into the jaw, dental implants are used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or to support full dentures. Comprised of titanium, implants are remarkably lightweight, yet strong, and are well received by the body. Even so, patients must be well suited for dental implants. In other words, patients need to be healthy enough for surgery, and they must have enough bone to support the implants. Any type of chronic illness or disease may affect a patient’s ability to get dental implants.

Fixed Dental Bridges

As another option for replacing missing teeth, a fixed dental bridge (sometimes called a pontic tooth) is bonded into place, and then attached to adjacent teeth that are crowned. Both durable and affordable, fixed dental bridges provide an aesthetic appeal by restoring the shape of a patient’s face and smile.

Removable Dentures

With both full and partial options, removable dentures are perhaps more known for their lack of stability and discomfort. Yet, modern-day removable dentures prove secure, with high-quality materials customized to fit comfortably. Like fixed dental bridges, removable dentures are often attached to natural teeth that are crowned. Suppose a patient’s has a few natural teeth remaining, or perhaps they are missing a full arch of teeth. In both instances, removable dentures provide protection for remaining teeth, while complimenting the patient’s bite and preserving the natural shape and color of the patient’s teeth.

Restoring Your Smile Is Rewarding

At Bayshore Dental Center, we understand how missing teeth may affect your quality of life, not to mention confidence. We also understand that choosing the right option for tooth replacement is an important decision. Exceptionally talented in dental restorations, as well as cosmetic and implant dentistry, Dr. Sheehy welcomes your call at Bayshore Dental Center today. Restoring your smile is rewarding!

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