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Dental Crown FAQs

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Have you ever wondered what a dental crown is? Perhaps you have family members who have crowns, or you heard it discussed at your dentist’s office. Here are some helpful FAQs to give you the lowdown on dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that covers your tooth to restore its shape and strength, and to improve the look of your smile.

Who needs dental crowns?

All kinds of people can benefit from dental crowns. If you’re missing a tooth or have a cracked tooth, a crown can fix that. If you have a large cavity and not enough tooth left to support the filling on its own, a crown can be used. Crowns are used to attach dental bridges, and to protect a weak tooth from breaking. They are also used to restore a broken tooth, and to cover a dental implant. There are so many ways a crown can help your smile!

What are the different types of crowns?

There are many different types of crowns, such as porcelain, ceramic, resin, and stainless steel. They all have different properties and strengths. Your dentist will work with you to choose the right type of crown for you.

How long does it take to get a crown?

It typically takes two visits to the dentist to get a crown. During the first visit, your dentist will examine your tooth and make an impression for your new crown. They will give you a temporary crown to wear until the permanent crown is made. Your dentist will send the mold away to a lab, which will create the final crown. On the second visit, the crown will be placed and fitted.

How do I take care of my new crown?

To make sure your dental crown lasts as long as possible, it's best to avoid biting down or chewing ice or other very hard foods, which could dislodge the crown. Make sure to see your dentist regularly so they can check that the crown is still in good condition.

If you think you’re in need of a dental crown and would like to talk to our friendly team, contact Bayshore Dental Center today!