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You can trust Bayshore Dental Center for our expertise in cracked tooth repair. Although your tooth enamel makes up the hardest, most mineralized tissue in your body, it is not invincible. Whether you have suffered a mouth trauma or bit down on something too hard, our dental professionals can help you with a variety of solutions to restore your damaged tooth. We are known for providing comfortable and high quality family dental care to patients in Seffner and the surrounding areas.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

How we repair your chipped or broken tooth depends on how severely it is damaged. In many cases when only a small portion of the enamel is chipped off, Dr. Sheehy can repair your tooth with dental bonding. This is an easy, fast and budget-friendly solution. Bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin to restore your tooth back to optimal aesthetics and function.

If your tooth injury is larger or more visible, you may need a crown or dental veneer. Rest assured that we can provide both of these procedures in our office with the precision and prompt attention you deserve. For tooth breaks that are large enough to expose the pulp, a root canal may be needed to prevent infection and bring you out of pain.

Regardless of the severity of your tooth damage, you can trust that we will offer a solution to provide the most natural results using the latest dental technology. When it comes to your restorative dental needs, we make patient comfort our highest priority. You will find that our practice utilizes the latest in dental technology, which allows us to provide safer, more efficient and more comfortable dental care.

If you or a member of your family has damaged a tooth, contact Bayshore Dental Center right away. We do our best to offer same day appointments so that your smile is restored as quickly as possible.