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When should my child have an ortho screening performed?

Orthodontic treatments are a great way to realign the bite and teeth for a more attractive and functional smile. However, many parents in Seffner, Florida, are unsure when they should bring their child into the dental office for an ortho screening. Screening a child early for possible orthodontic treatment is one way to be proactive, especially as the children begin to lose their baby teeth and their adult, permanent teeth develop through the gum line. Dr. Omari Sheehy and his team at Bayshore Dental Center can provide early evaluations for children’s orthodontics to help parents prepare for possible treatment or discuss early intervention opportunities to reduce or eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment in the future.

When should my child have an ortho screening performed?

At Bayshore Dental Center, we encourage parents to bring their children into the office for an ortho screening around the age of five or six. This early intervention can help ensure your child has a healthy smile and avoid any potential orthodontic problems as they grow up.

What happens during a screening for orthodontic treatment?

An ortho screening allows us to assess the alignment of your child’s teeth, along with their bite and the overall health of their mouth. During this exam, Dr. Sheehy will take x-rays to get a closer look at your child’s jawbone development, as well as monitor how the permanent teeth are coming in. If we discover any issues during this screening, we will work directly with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan for your child.

Learn more about children’s orthodontics and early screening services

Our office uses modern tools and techniques to protect children’s smiles while they’re still growing and developing. If you have questions about whether or not your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment due to teeth crowding, spacing, or poor alignment, you should be proactive about getting your child into the office for an evaluation. Call (813) 330-2006 to request an appointment at Bayshore Dental Center in Seffner, FL, conveniently located at 810 West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Suite #2900.

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